About Us

About Us

 I started IFURU because I absolutely love scrubs and what they can do for you but not all scrubs are the same and many of them have ingredients that my skin just does not like, I also struggle with dry skin that is uneven with hyperpigmentation, and I wanted to make a all in one product for myself without having to use so many products at once, because that gets tiring and expensive.

Solution-I started carefully messing around with many ingredients testing and trying them until I found the correct ones that work for not only me but for many who have tried IFURU.

!Every IFURU scrub is made with natural ingredients and is cruelty free!

I pride myself on making products that are natural and effective. When you first use IFURU, you'll notice how easily it melts into your skin. As you rub it in, you'll feel your skin become softer, smoother, and more hydrated. 


My Goals-I want this product to work as well as it does for me also for you without being costly as others while still providing you with great ingredients that help you better your skin and making sure you smell good at the same time.